Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy last day of National Poetry Month!

It's the last day of National Poetry Month 2009. How many of you participated in NaPoWriMo? I did, though I'll admit that the last few days I've sort of fizzled out. But darn it all if I wasn't determined. 

Today is also Poem in Your Pocket Day. For me it's usually Poem in My Pocket(book) Day, as I've always got a book in my purse, but rarely remember to stick one in my pocket, but cheers and kudos to all who participated.

Yesterday we announced the winner of the 2nd Mystery Box competition. Congratulations to Amy Karsmizki for her winning poem, "A Pictures-Worth". Plus, the new Mystery Box is now up. This time we want you to go public. That is, we want you to post your poem to the page, in the comments box right below the photos, that way readers can admire the entries -- and possibly weigh in. (More about that later!) Hurry and be the first to post a poem! The first person to post a poem for the new Mystery Box will get... my gratitude? The chance to be first in line at the punch bowl? Okay, really I just want to see what you all come up with. So go write a poem, or two, or three, and post away! The only rule is that the poems must somehow relate to the box.

As a final hurrah, two-time contributor Robert Krut sent me announcement about his recording of "A thousand pieces, dancing" (from the form issue) for National Poetry Month for the NCTE. I would also like to congratulate Diane Seuss, who's manuscript, Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown Open, won the Juniper Prize from the University of Massachusetts Press. Congratulations, Diane!

Hope you've all had a fruitful, poem-filled month -- keep up that momentum!

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