Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lavina Blossom's poem, "Three" (from the humor issue) featured today on Best New Poems Online

Hope you've all had a wonderful Independence Day! I spent mine watching the fireworks through the lens of a camera trying to get a decent shot, while also trying to hold my hands over my son's ears to shield them from the noise, then this morning read Shaindel Beers' A Brief History of Time.

Just a couple of really quick FYI's as we still have a few hours left of this holiday weekend:

First, the deadline for the gender issue has now passed. If you've submitted work, you can look forward to a response sometime before the summer's out, with this issue breaking with tradition and launching in October (usually it would go up in June, but I've recently made the decision to change the publication dates to October & April).

Also, I'll be making an announcement in the near future about upcoming calls for submissions, but in the meanwhile this would be a good time to check out the humor issue (if you haven't done so already, or even if you have), in particular Lavina Blossom's poem, "Three", which is featured today on Best New Poems Online.

The fireworks may be over, but the hottest part of the summer is still to come. Take advantage of it, or stay as cool as you can, but whatever you do make sure to dip into some summer reading.

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