Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nominees for Best of the Web and others

Here are the recent nominations we have made for works appearing in Poemeleon in the last two issues. Congratulations to everyone on this list, and to everyone whose work we have published. If we could nominate all of you we would!

Nominees for the 2010 Best of the Web Anthology (Dzanc Books):

  • Jo Scott-Coe, for "Not So Gay at the YMCA" (The Gender Issue)
  • Diane Seuss, for "Baby goodbye" (The Gender Issue)
  • Lafayette Wattles, for "Soup Kitchen" (The Gender Issue)

Nominees for the 2009 Best of the Net Anthology (Sundress Press):

  • Deborah Bogen, for "Driving Home Trying Not to Change the Station (The Humor Issue)
  • Sherman Alexie, for "Inappropriate" (The Humor Issue)
  • Ann Fisher-Wirth, for "My Nancy Drews" (The Humor Issue)
  • Barbara Crooker, for "TXT MSSGE HMLT" (The Humor Issue)
  • Jason Bredle, for "American Sex Machine" (The Humor Issue)
  • David Graham, for "The Look of a Bay Mare" (The Humor Issue)

Nominees for the 2009 Best New Poets Anthology (University of Virginia Press):

  • Chella Courington, for "Medley" (The Humor Issue)
  • Jon Stone, for "Bullshit Related Injuries in the A & E" (The Humor Issue)

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