Monday, May 22, 2006

Journal Update #2

Okay, so I lied. It has been three months. Again.

But I have a good excuse. Really.

Okay. Well, maybe not. Just life. Yes I do have a life. Actually, the past week and a half has been spent just trying to keep my three year old from reopening a gash on his chin that we sat through six hours of Urgent Care to treat. Though we narrowly escaped stitches (All hail the inventor of Dermal Adhesive!) I doubt that will be our last trip -- his nickname is Danger Baby if that gives you a clue.

For all of you out there who are wondering what's going on with the journal, here's where we're at:

1.) I am about halfway done entering all the yummy poems into the journal.

2.) I am in the process of compiling and entering all of the authors' statements, links to more of our contributors' work, and general site updates. (If you still have something to send me, please do so ASAP)

3.) I am in the process of scoping out potential locales for an Inaugural Issue launch reading.

I went to a reading yesterday during the Orange Blossom Festival here in my hometown, Riverside, CA. It was held in the atrium area of the Riverside Art Museum, and put on by a local print journal, Epicenter, who did a great job organizing the reading and even moved us out-of-doors to the community stage for the final reader of the two-day festival series, LA poet Catherine Daly, who is also a Poemeleon contributor. It was a nice location -- casual, bright, tree-filled. I am considering the museum as a possible venue for the launch reading, but if anyone else has a suggestion for a venue in Southern California, preferably the Inland Empire, feel free to forward it to me.

Already I'm looking forward to the next issue, which will be art-centered. While I would love mostly ekphrastic poems (poems that evoke a specific work of art, not limited to paintings), I am broadening the search to include poems that reference art or artists. Of particular interest are poems that address a work of art/artist that ALSO include references to place. I prefer work that is grounded in the physical world; somewhere real, somewhere I would go; somewhere I could want to go. If this seems confusing at all, or if you have something that you think might fit, even if you aren't sure -- send it on.

For the first issue, I'm aiming for a launch date somewhere in the middle of June -- maybe a little earlier; maybe a little later. I've still got a lot of work to do. When we get closer I'll be in touch.

Danger Baby is back in the room, plodding around in my plaid slippers. I can only slip away for just so long before Life starts calling me back.



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