Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All notifications sent for form issue

Well, at long last I have finally completed all the acceptances -- and rejections -- for the issue dedicated to form.

The rejections are always the toughest.

We received far more than we could use, though I have to admit most of it was good stuff. I spent considerable time going back and forth with some of them. There were tons of sonnets. Ultimately I had to pass on good work simply because I am striving to present a variety.

Included in the mix are sestinas, villanelles, pantoums, sonnets (of course), as well as some collaborative work, invented forms, poems patterned after other poems... you get the picture. It's not all formal verse. My goal was to present as many of the ways that form can be, is, used, to frame a poem's contents, amplify it.

Hopefully you all will like -- or at least appreciate -- what I've tried to do with the issue.

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