Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Submissions period over

The deadline for submitting work for the issue dedicated to form has passed. I am now deep into the process of reading of all the submissions and putting the issue together. I should begin sending out notices within the next couple of weeks.

The newsblog is now up and running at top speed, which means whenever I get news of books, events, awards, etc. (no calls for submissions -- sorry; you'll need to go to CRWOPPS for that) I will add it to the newsblog, where you can a.) subscribe to the feed via the link at the bottom, b.) subscribe to it in e-newsletter form, or c.) just visit the site and read it from time to time to see what Poemeleon contributors are up to. HINT: you can check the headlines at the bottom of this page for a glimpse of what's been recently added.

I also have some exciting news: the journal is growing, and I've taken on two new editorial staff members. Stay tuned for more about that in a future post!

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